Melbourne Dog Cafe Overrun, Owner Reported Missing.


Critics of the pet cafe craze have said it was only a matter of time before something went wrong, and it seems their prophecies have materialised in a way even they couldn’t have imagined. In a mysterious turn of events, popular Northcote dog cafe, Sippy Pupper is currently involved in a stand-off with authorities who believe the main perpetrators to be … the pets!

Although tight-lipped due to the ongoing nature, Police are vaguely suggesting the cagey canines have overrun the cafe and barricaded themselves inside, along with owner Pat Himslo, who was recently reported missing.

Authorities have been unable to gain access to the building, and the premises appears to be boarded up and heavily fortified. Tense negotiations are underway between police and an unidentified party that are only being referred to as ‘unknown transgressors’.

No requests or demands have been made by those inside as negotiators desperately try to overcome a difficult communication issue. Several eye witnesses report that they’ve seen police lobbing bright green tennis balls over the fence with notes attached.

“It’s pretty clear what happened, the dogs have taken over” says elderly busybody, Dot Matricks. “People have been noticing the dogs grouping together and becoming more aware for the last few weeks. We knew something was up. We just hope Pat is okay, he is a lovely man.”

Confusing updates on the cafe’s social media page have left authorities concerned for the safety and whereabouts of Mr Himslo, with the latest upload simply a picture of a masked dog in army fatigues:




Fast food


It’s the most hallowed weekend on the Australian calendar: GRAND FINAL(S) WEEKEND!! Where the climactic build up of two sporting codes reaches critical mass and ejaculates a high pressure, high testosterone discharge of footy across the entire fucking nation.

Basically, if you don’t like footy … well, you don’t really have an option.

But get fucked anyway.

Tens of thousands of fans will flock to stadiums and millions more will tune in across the nation to drunkenly distract themselves for what will only ever be a brief respite from their miserable and painful lives.

But on the upside, a shit-tonne of people will be eating some incredibly awful food whilst half-cut on medium strength ‘beer’, and given the lion’s share of fanatics will be at Melbourne Cricket Ground on Saturday afternoon, we thought we’d have a look at what’s on offer…

There was a lot of buzz at the start of the year around the big drop in prices for food at the G (and the barely mentioned rise in beer prices). As stated on the MCG website:

“Research conducted by the AFL last season showed that the MCG’s bold move to lower prices further than any other venue was a major driver in increased satisfaction levels among footy fans, with affordability one of the key issues identified by regular attendee and families in previous years.”

What this is essentially saying is:

“Due to profit margins, there can’t possibly be an increase in the quality or standard of food provided, but on second inspection, even we realised that the lips and assholes we were attempting to pass off as food couldn’t be taken seriously at that price. But who’s going to give a shit after 17 mid-strength beers? Oh and we’re increasing the price of the alcohol, you bogan morons.”

But don’t let that deter you, there’s a whole bunch of ‘upmarket’ new outlets to check out!

Why not stop in at the Ron Barrasi Cafe where they honour the man who sweated his blood and tears for decades with a ‘bag of fries with house spice mix’, or maybe pop past the very appropriately named Dog Bar, to rat on your mates, oh, and try some new ‘gourmet’ hot dogs ….



…. and you can pretend hot dogs aren’t made like this:

Mmmm… just like Mamma used to make!



You probably got your grand final tickets through some corporate deal or because you know someone cool; don’t worry about those Doggies supporters who have been waiting decades for this, just get the most out of the day. I mean, you probably sent like 5 emails and posted on Facebook a few times for those tickets, so who’s got time to wait in a queue at a fancy new outlet while you’re missing all the action, especially after all that effort?!

Let’s have a look at some quick and reliable favourites…


Hot Chips

Price: $4.10


Commonly known in Australia as ‘dead mans fingers’. As most people know today, they get their name from the English, who invented them to remind the Irish that no matter where they were on white, colonial earth, there will be no escape from the memory of the Great Famine. But Irish or not, once you’ve had a skinful, who’s going to say no to these delicious potato fingers? … except maybe your heart … at around the age of fifty.

But, yum, amirite?!



Four ‘N Twenty Meat Pie

Price: $4.10



They say ‘you are what you eat’ and there’s a reason a meat pie looks like an asshole. But hey, it’s tradition! You’ll hear that a thousand times as an Australian until you’re old enough to realise that most of the ‘traditions’ we have are basically just us being cunts or assholes, or both.

But the best thing about shoving this mystery meat disc at your face at high speed, whilst you worry about the beers in the carry tray balanced precariously on your knees, is that you probably won’t even remember you ate it!

And just like every other Aussie ‘tradition’, ignorance really is bliss.



Chicken Schnitzel Burger

Price: $7.80


Not a lot of people know this, but chickens are the most untrustworthy animals. That’s a big part of why humans started eating them, to teach the rest of them a lesson. The schnitzel is a cut of meat across the back and wing and once pounded into a pattie shape, and deep fried to remove the original flavour, it makes for some incredible eating with two pieces of lettuce and a huge dollop of mayo.

FUN FACT: the ‘chefs’ often let the meat reach room temperature in the ‘kitchens’ at the G. That’s going to make racing home to use the bathroom after the match pretty fun in that gridlocked traffic. Enjoy the ‘eight buck squirts’!




Price: $5.20


In a valiant effort to appear more culturally sensitive and health conscious, sushi has now been added to the menu. This should appeal to you if you’ve just done about a million reps at Zap Fitness and want to hang with the crew, but haven’t forgtten that summer is JUST around the corner!  *cheeky winky face*

Have a good time, but not TOO good a time, you know?

A second on the lips, a lifetime on the hips!

You can pretend that that the rice and mayo combo you just inhaled DIDN’T have more calories then the yellow food you just dodged, genius.





Price: $8.30



…. oh and I hadn’t even seen the price!

Top vegan stitch-up, full marks.



I think we’re all just lucky they haven’t added any Meatloaf to the menu, fuck knows how sick that made us all last time.

GO THE __________ (insert team name)!!!!!!!


Urban Sherpas: Let Them Do All The Work!

As if these little French fuckwits don’t have enough breathing problems already.

It’s the hot new trend that looks like it’s straight from the streets of NYC, but it’s actually a uniquely Australian initiative that’s catching on globally, INCLUDING New York (located in the United States), which validates it immensely.

Now you can stop worrying about… THIS


…. and THIS

shopping bags93309

… and let some other stooge do all the work!

It’s an easy and free app download and you can post a job to be done, like carrying your shopping, walking the dog or even carting a fridge several kilometres. Or you can offer to help with a job and set your fee accordingly!

The secret to Urban Sherpas’ success is the innate laziness which is found throughout the entire species, a great example of which is the images we placed above because we couldn’t be fucked writing more words.

We spoke to creator, Des Arstor, who says it’s in his DNA:

“My dad was a fucking lazy prick, and so was my mum actually. In fact, my entire family are lazy pieces of shit. I was complaining about having to lift my 3 year old son who felt as if he’d been eating concrete or something, then it came to me: get someone else to do it! I mean, it’s no lie that we’re the laziest country on earth. I mean, have a look at the state of our hospitals, every time I go into one there’s people lying down on beds having a sook.”

After outsourcing the idea to an overseas company, Des eventually bought the project back onshore ‘due to communication issues’…

“My wife’s nephew is a whiz with apps and technology so he helped me put it together. To be honest he did most of the work, but I trademarked everything and have the patents to he’ll be lucky to see a fucking cent. I’m hoping someone else will sort out all the finance stuff…. actually, how are you with computers?”

We politely declined Des’ offer, but he makes a solid point: we are a lackadaisical nation.

A little bit of information is available on their website, but it doesn’t look like they’ve finished updating it yet:


FASHION: Future Trends Of Hair

The chocolate ice cream emoji – popular among the youth of today.

In the fast-paced fashion world even the coolest elite have so much trouble keeping up that they barely know what’s ‘in’ or ‘out’ at any given time. As part of our ‘Future Trends’ series, we’ve convened a group of ‘fashion futurists’ to assess the current direction and then predict the headstyles™ of the future…



is this soy

Yes. There’s still fuckwits in the future, but you’ll know how to spot them pretty easily: straight bangs, edgy colours. If you’ve got a keen ear, you’ll also be able to hear their distinctive and repetitive drone with familiar sayings like, ‘it’s so meta’ and ‘I’ve just found a cool new space to do my art’. Think straight lines and a jagged attitude … with a severe intolerance to most food, and large groups of other humans.





With unemployment predicted to rise rapidly in the future as our social systems collapse, people will turn to music for escapism. Similar to how it happens now, but with a lot more soft crying and hunger. This ‘old cock rock’ style is timeless and although people will spend more time ‘perfecting the mess’, as they say in the biz, heroin chic will become a lot more prevalent throughout society. The art of cool will be down to a fine art. Think leather, cigarettes, whiskey, a guitar and an attitude that screams ‘once I’m high, I’m going to tear this place apart … then probably sleep with your girlfriend.’





After President Trump annihilates a good portion of the planet with America’s hefty nuclear arsenal, places like Black Rock Desert in Nevada will become some of the only safe refuges for a dying human species. But why not have some fun with it, you know? This style is primal, it’s free and it is reconnected. It’s so white and PC that it says ‘I’m going to make up my OWN culture to appropriate’. You’ll need a full salon and moustache wax, so bring some batteries for the hair clippers because there’s no electricity where you’re going … the power comes from within. ROAR!




bell end

Eventually we will have milked every last drop of meaning from the word ‘irony’, and life and fashion cross the threshold of parody and become an infinite loop that forever repeat. In an attempt to turn fashion on its head, that is when this happens. It says so much about us. It’s the nuclear mushroom cloud that represents the final days in the glorious apocalypse as foretold by Noncestradamus, but it also represents us, and fashion, in the way that it makes us simply look like the absolute peens that we are.

Right here, at the end of all things, we hold a mirror up to ourselves and say, ‘Wow. We’re actually fuckwits’.





Police Order Closure Of Boutique Bar After Five People Found Trapped Inside

Specialty Bars: the new hoarding

With the growing popularity of bars boasting thousands of bottles of assorted spirits and boutique beers, fitting it all into a small bar space has become an increasingly difficult challenge. In an apparent attempt to be perceived as the hottest new bar with the hugest and hippest selection, bars are increasingly overstocking themselves with the latest Japanese whiskeys and gins from Buttfuck, Idaho … all the while unknowingly creating dangerous death traps.

The issue peaked yesterday as five people, previously reported missing, were found trapped inside a Melbourne bar, all unable to find the exit amongst the horde of vials and vessels. Police have ordered the closure of the jam-packed drinkery and released a confusing ‘street-style rap’ media release calling on the those in power to ‘legislate before we abrogate’ and went further saying that ‘this culture of one-upping to a dangerous new level has moved into a whole new dangerous new level. We outty. Peace.’.

Some media were on hand to report the people freed from the bar were severely intoxicated and are all being treated for hysteria. The bar owner was also arrested, mouthing only a short statement before being hauled away:

“It’s not like we didn’t have enough supplies!” said severely intoxicated bar owner, Stan Still. “We were having a splendid time singing sea shanties and telling stories. Trust the pigs to ruin our fun.”

Mr Still was quickly bundled into a rasher wagon police vehicle for questioning down at the farm station.


We Test Drive The Popular New ‘YOUBER’ App – Is It A Threat To UBER?


Cutting your share in the sharing economy might be harder then you think when you’re up against global dominators such as airbnb and UBER, but one popular new app is shaking the industry up and is now so popular in the US that it has just reported over 10 million downloads and a quarterly profit of $6 million USD (United States Dollars). Now regulators and lawmakers are trying to catch up amidst a growing concern that the new app is a sham that simply tricks people into driving themselves around.

With it’s impending release here in Australia we took it for a test drive to see what all the fuss is about…

The app itself isn’t cheap, you can download it for $49.95 and then you still have to register your vehicle and pass several online tests. Once approved, you place the app in your car and connect it to the starter wires underneath your steering column. UPSIDE: It’s quite easy to do with some simple tools and there’s several YouTube instructional videos. DOWNSIDE: the car will now not start until the meter is running on the app.

All you need to do is plug in the destination, much like a SatNav or the current UBER app. The app, using existing Google Maps software, shows you the route and a notification appears on your phone to start the meter running… now it’s time to start the engine and you’re off. TOTAL PREP TIME TO DATE: 2.5 hours.

We drove around a few blocks and watched the dollars tick up. The smart app technology detects if music is playing or if the aircon is on and adds a surcharge to your trip. The app itself has a really smooth interface and its easy menus make it a breeze to operate.

Once the journey is over, you can hit the red button at the bottom of the screen and the app displays the total amount owing.  The best thing is, if you decide to take passengers, they’ll never be charged because your credit card is automatically debited; you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Although the journey was expensive for only a few blocks (approximately around $50), the app runs smoothly and the charges appear instantly on your bank statement.


It takes a few hours to set up and get approved, and it’s quite expensive to purchase and operate, but overall the app is really impressive. It’s silky smooth to use and integrates into your car perfectly. It’s pretty easy to see why it’s shaken up the industry so much in UBER hotspots like New York.

The app is set for release next month and is available on both Android and Apple IOS.



ISIS Claim Responsibility For Gastro Attack Inside The Bachelor House


The Bachelor TV set is in lockdown tonight and filming for the final episodes has been halted after a dangerous biological attack tore apart The Bachelor’s pads.

Clean-up crews have been moved into the Spanish themed fuck mansion in the semi-rural NSW suburb of Glenorie and members of the production team, along with NSW Police, have been seen entering and leaving the property over the last 24 hours, all wearing protective gear.

Those involved with the series have been tight-lipped when questioned by waiting media as to the full details, but according to a source close to the crew, a powerful new biological weapon (understood to be called ‘E Coli’) was planted in food and delivered to the house by members of a local terror cell, reportedly dressed as caterers.

Late last night, ISIS, an Islamic comedy troupe, released a well-produced thirty minute slapstick video claiming responsibility for the attack and abhorring the show as ‘the worst example of humanity’. Police have been reviewing the tape and have confirmed its authenticity, accuracy and hilarity. They will be preparing a a short video in response and have are said to have enlisted the help of several prominent screenwriters.

ISIS, who are are well known for claiming responsibility for anything that goes wrong around the world, have lately been losing influence after boastful claims of involvement in anything from sewage leaks to punctured tyres.

One neighbour, Ken Oath, described chaotic scenes inside the house:

“It was bloody horrible, there were these spurting noises and a lot of yelling and screaming so we rang police who said they were aware of the issue and plumbers were en route.”

Luckily, Mr Oath was able to get a closer view with a pair of binoculars before curtains were drawn…

“Do you remember the end of E.T where there was tubes everywhere in Elliot’s house and everyone was wearing hazmat suits? … yeah well it’s like that in there right now. I could barely see through the windows due to the brown hand prints and smears.”

Channel Ten could not be reached for comment as they’re on the top floor and the lift was broken.

The stairs were also out of order.

ISIS have also claimed responsibility for the malfunctioning lift and stairs and are currently working with Hollywood director, Michael Bay, on a new video surrounding the controversy.









Priceless Art Destroyed During Pokemon Go Rampage


A series of priceless paintings have been destroyed by a group of Pokemon Go players at the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra. The art, insured for over $6 million GBP (appox. $5 AUD), was behind a fortified glass case but that didn’t stop a small group of electronic slaves Nintendo fans from attempting to release a rare ‘Pikachu’ from behind some of the gallery’s protective panes.

It was only the second time that the collection of original prints by the famed French artist, Peintre de Chien, had been displayed publicly in over 70 years.

“We’re understandably devastated here at the NGA. We’ve had people vandalise the art before, but nothing like this”, says Assistant Curator, Graisse Barbe. “At first I thought everyone was sneezing, but then I realised they were all yelling ‘Pikachu’. I saw them start to kick the glass and I began running towards the group, yelling for them to stop. They didn’t realise how rare the art was. Then we heard the smash and I thought that was it … but they kept kicking. It was as if they were possessed – I don’t think they were even playing the game at that point.”

Mr Barbe had not heard of the new fad of ‘Pokemon Go’ that has (unsurprisingly) already resulted in several deaths in the US. He’s directing the blame squarely at Nintendo who he accuses of ‘a lapse in judgement’ in placing characters of the augmented reality  game in areas where damage or injury can occur. His large beard also visibly shaken by the ordeal.

Nintendo are yet to respond to a request for comment and the matter is currently in the hands of the AFP and a shit-tonne of whiny art jerks.

Transport Chaos As Confused Protestors Shut Down Greyhound Coach Terminal


It’s something embattled NSW Premier, ‘Casino’ Mike Baird has finally done right, and yet the NSW Government’s actions to ban greyhound racing have been undermined by a group of confused protesters who have taken over a Greyhound Australia coach terminal and are currently staging a ‘sit-in’ protest and are refusing to leave.

Police confused by the new style of ‘sit-in’ tactic initially opened the doors to anyone actually standing inside the terminal to allow people to exit, but were swamped as more protesters ran inside, to the exasperation of employees and bystanders.

Stranded travellers are being held inside the terminal against their will with a small group even breaking the windows in the coaches in a bid for freedom. Asked why they didn’t just use the door, the foreign backpackers said they didn’t realise ‘that was how things worked here’.

Police have surrounded the terminal and have been negotiating with the jobless crusaders and are attempting to communicate that it’s not actually coach services the government is banning, but the protesters remain vigilant. Some even holding placards and posters up to the glass for media; banners ranging from ‘WE’RE WHEELY ANGRY’ to ‘AT WHAT COST?’ are on display; Greyhound Australia employees quick to note that the pricing is actually displayed clearly at the counters.

We’ll keep you updated with more information as it comes to hand.






2 People Die Of Malnutrition As States Move To Ban Dangerous Food Photography Trend


State Governments are unified in their response to a deadly new trend sweeping the nation that some say is overtaking the ‘ice epidemic’. In a rare show of bipartisan leadership during a pre-election get together in Canberra, leaders of all states and territories have petitioned the Federal Government to ban food photography, or ‘snapping’ as it’s known on the streets.

With two ‘snapping addicts’ already dead and hundreds more admitted to hospital in the last few months, all suffering from severe malnutrition, parents have been left wondering if the government can move quickly enough to save more young lives.

“I sit at the table every night and watch my son waste away as he obsessively takes photo after photo of his meal; the food becomes cold and inedible and he goes hungry”, says Stew Onnit, president of the parents group, Meals With Feels.

Mr Onnit, who maintains his cooking is ‘digestible’, says that he’s received hundreds of electronic mails and faxes from concerned parents from all over Australia and that authorities have done nothing to act. He also points the finger at social media companies such as Instagram who he accuses of allowing and encouraging the dangerous new movement to grow.

In a press statement obtained exclusively by Boredsheet, Instagram attempted to wash their hands of any wrongdoing:

“The Instagram platform is just a platform. We do not, and can not, dictate how people use it. Whilst we have Community Guidelines in place that take a stand against social issues like discrimination and harassment, we also have filters specifically for the fat and ugly people too, so there’s absolutely no reason not to eat whatever you want.”

With no action expected from the social media industry, let’s hope the government has an answer soon.

In the meantime, if you or a family member require support, you can access a new online resource set-up to provide advice on how to quit being a fuckwit: