Australia Day Fury At Racist ‘Bush Tucker’ Menu.

Bush Tucker

There’s been uproar this week as a Melbourne restaurant announced plans to serve a ‘bush tucker inspired’ menu on Australia Day consisting of witchetty grubs, yams, native seeds and berries.

New Fitzroy eatery, MANCAVE is standing firm on calls to remove the menu and return to their normal, super-pretentious items. The restaurant is thought to be co-owned by paleo pioneer and Bondi jerk-off, Pete Evans.

The menu name and tagline has also got people up in arms, with local Aboriginal groups calling for a boycott of the premises.

Trevor Herefirst, a local Fitzroy elder, has expressed disgust at the idea calling it ‘offensive’ and slamming the owners of MANCAVE as ‘entitled white fuckwits’.

The eatery was yet to respond to several letters, which were posted yesterday, but have put a mysterious post on their Facebook page, which has over 900 followers, probably mostly cunts. The post reads: “Come on down this Invasion Day to try our exclusive paleo menu: WE GREW HERE, YOU FOOD HERE. And remember, if you don’t like it, you can leave.”

The post was accompanied with a picture of the actual printed menu which had several tongue-in-cheek items such as ‘Kick Out The Yams’ and ‘The Lion, The Witchetty and the Wardrobe’.

Local City of Yarra Councillor, Jackie Fristickyacky (formerly Fristacky), who recently changed her surname in an attempt to encourage the public to remember her name better, has expressed disappointment with the owners around the new menu. “Fucking hell”, she exclaimed mid-beer, “Are these cunts serious? I’m gonna shut ’em down. I just need to fill out a piece of paper.” The statement, which was made in the middle of a speech opening a new childrens playcentre, was greeted with cheers from the crowd. One man thew a chair through the new playcentre window causing several hundred dollars damage, which was also met with cheers from the crowd.

One thing is certain, with publicity like this, MANCAVE is going to have no shortage of patrons on Australia Day. Whether or not they are there to sample the controversial menu, or to show their disgust, is something we will have to wait to discover.

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