Dîner en Blanc Asks Menstruating Women Not To Attend

Pretentious fucks pig out

Organisers of the annual Diner en Blanc have been met with indignation after announcing that they would prefer women who are in the throes of their menstrual cycle not attend the fancy French dinner for fuckwits.

The fury is in reference to an email that was sent around this week to registered diners with the suggestion. The email also confirmed table allocations, directions and menu items.

The section of the email that has everyone up in arms reads:

“Whilst we endeavour to provide you with the finest of culturally elitist events, we hire our furniture and dressing items from external suppliers. We cannot mark or stain any of the hired stock or we will forfeit our bond. In addition to that, and most importantly, anyone on the blob will ruin the aesthetic. So if ‘Aunt Flow is in town’, you’re officially uninvited. No refunds.”

It’s no surprise that there’s uproar from feminists groups and the general public alike.

Amanda Hatenstuff, regional director of Whoamen, a feminist support group, says. “This is exactly the sort of thing we expect from the French. They’re arrogant, rude, misogynists. Men shit themselves all the time after eating rich French food, if they really cared about their hired furniture, they’d be laying down tarps or not inviting anyone at all.”

Gerard Depard-Dough, one of the hosts of the upcoming Melbourne event, made only one brief comment whilst getting into his white Mercedes this afternoon, “It’s not called Diner en Rouge.”

It’s not clear how they’re intending to enforce the ruling. Some suspect they’ll use bears who can smell menstruation, others claim they’ll ask all women attending the event to sit on a large, white saddle.

What is clear, however, is that this event is already set to make its mark in Melbourne when it arrives in March.

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