Back To Basics Food Craze Hits Australia

Whoever made this is a funghi   

There’s a new food craze sweeping the nation’s cafe’s, restaurants and homes, and it’s being coined ‘back to basics’. No prep, no slicing, just huge slabs of ingredients thrown on a piece of bread or on a plate;  just as nature intended

The buzz around the new craze has sent social media into a spin and left restaurants scrambling to include new ideas on their menus. Many food bloggers have surmised that the push for larger ingredients stems from several recent incidents in Melbourne & Sydney centred around the use of minuscule ingredients. That food trend has already killed two people and left a Melbourne girl fighting for her life after inhaling smashed peas in a trendy Brunswick cafe. Doctors have now upgraded her condition to “sweet as”.

 A fucking disgusting chilli sanga

Food trend experts, such as Dr Hew Jarse, from EatFoodPray have celebrated the move away from heavily processed food items such as honey and even more naturally occurring foods such as Nutella™.

“We should be inhaling the largest amounts of food, as fast as we can, and let our bodies sort out the breakdown and digestion. That’s why we have stomach acid and these huge throats”, the fat fuck wheezed in-between mouthfuls of nachos. The fact that he was eating nachos at nine in the morning notwithstanding, Dr Jarse may have a point. If the current buzz around ‘back to basics’ is any indication, this is already one huge growing movement.

Others are praising this new trend as it takes its focus away from the ‘anatomical food’ fad which has seen platforms like Instagram removing photos due to violation of their community standards. The fad has also raised concerns among parents, as they attempt to explain certain food items to their children, like this ‘Beef Curtain Sandwich’ below:

Beef curtains

Photos: Isn’tabel Darling

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