Beliebers Burn Down Church After Satanic Beiber T-shirts Go Viral


Justin Bieber is apparently fuming after discovering a satanic shirt using his name has gone viral. The Bieber camp is looking at legal options with Justin himself posting a link to the shirt on Twitter with the following:

“I’m calling on all my Beliebers to rise up and smote this evil from the earth in the name of our Lord. I’m going to sue these guys so hard, they’ll wish they never heard of me.”

It’s no surprise that Justin’s devout followers, nicknamed ‘Beliebers’, have taken it upon themselves to begin a campaign of hateful threats directed at the creators of the shirt, a company called MetalPopShirts, apparently based here in Australia. The online store also appears to offer another evil top showing George Costanza (Seinfield) with horns and a pentagram burnt into his forehead.

Bieber, an extremist Christian, regularly condones violence and hate and uses his Beliebers to enact horrible suffering. In apparent confusion over their masters orders, a group of his disciples have burnt down a Catholic church in Pennsylvania, posting photos on social media and calling for a ‘crusade against anyone against Justin’. Authorities are looking into the confusing sentence, and the arson attack, which resulted in no injuries but hundreds of thousands dollars damage and one less church, which is a fantastic result for everyone.

The offensive shirt can be seen here:

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