BREAKING: 2 Dead, 3 Vehicles Impounded After Food Truck ‘Demolition Derby’

Trucked Up

Two people are dead, and another three are in hospital with serious injuries after two rival food truck gangs butted heads in Melbourne last night.

Police said they are seeking witnesses to the carnage and are holding at least four people for questioning around the incident which took place in an abandoned lot near Clifton Hill, considered ‘neutral territory’ by both sides, and a reasonable amount of property managers.

The two factions involved are a group of food trucks from Melbourne’s inner north, calling themselves the ‘Northside Nangs’ and truck operators based around Richmond’s try-hard Food Truck Park, who are believed to be called the ‘Eastside Crushers’.

Police had already cautioned various operators regarding several incidents over the last 24 months where trucks on both sides had been tampered with.

Banh Mi, head of the Australian Mobile Food Vendors Group (AMFVG), said that he had warned police someone was going to get hurt and they had taken no action around the gang violence:

“It’s been brewing for a while, but no one was expecting an outcome like this. I told the fuzz to do something, but they didn’t listen! Peoples tyres have been slashed, brake cables cut, there’s been tampering with food, abusive social media posts… the list goes on. The worst part is, they all cover for each other when the cops are asking questions. The last guy that ratted was tied to a tree and force fed gumbo; he’s STILL recovering in a hospital canteen under police guard.”

According to police, there were six trucks involved in last night’s incident and a number of weapons recovered from the scene.

Apparently the trucks were taking part in a ‘smash ’em up’ style demolition derby with people leaning out the side doors and windows with weapons in what can only be described as a ‘Roman-style chariot death match’ similar to scenes from classic epic, Ben-Hur, starring Charlton Heston, who thankfully died in 2008. Some operators deserted the trucks when police arrived, leaving easy pickings for forensic teams, with the area littered with food, injured people and two dead bodies.

Police have sealed off the abandoned lot as a crime scene while they gather evidence and have said it’s going to take some time to determine what happened due to the large volume of tomato sauce making it difficult to discern from human blood.

They are seeking help from the public, so if you do have information, give them a call.

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