Beard And Moustache Hire Is Here!

This is all I see in Fitzroy these days

Picture this: You’re a hot young Sydney designer who’s just stepped off a Qantas red-eye at Melbourne airport. You’ve got a meeting at a café hidden down a North Fitzroy back street that’s likely going to take you a good 45 minutes to find. You’ve got your iPad, CHECK. Your black folder, CHECK. Skinny jeans, blue collared shirt with a white chesty bonds underneath, CHECK! … but wait…. something doesn’t feel right, does it? You’re not looking the part, but you can’t put your finger on it….  that’s right, idiot, your face is naked.

Don’t even worry about it, because now there’s a solution: beard hire, by the hour!

The guys at The Shape Of Face To Come have provided an ingenious way to look the part, whether you’re hitting Melbourne for the day, or zipping up to Sydney to talk ‘negative space’ around Surry Hills; they’ve just opened two short-term beard rental outlets at both Melbourne AND Sydney airports. But it’s not just beards, they can also fit moustaches and top knots that look exactly like the real thing.

“You know the beard I’m wearing right now isn’t real?” asks Harry Faise, co-owner and self-styled, ‘Director of Physiognomy’. “The idea came to me when I was making coffee at the café I work at on the weekends. It gets so hot and sweaty in there and I turned to my colleague, Stefan, who was steaming my milk and said, ‘I wish I could just rip this big ol’ beard off right now!’ and then, BING! …the light bulb went off in my head! Every day when I get home from work and hang my beard up next to my coat,  I ask myself why I didn’t think of this earlier.”

Harry also says ever since he’s been able to wear a removeable his beard, his life has improved dramatically.

“It’s AMAZING! This is the way of the future. I always felt comfortable in Melbourne’s North, but whenever I went anywhere else, like the eastern suburbs, I would just get abused. It was the day that some guy called me a ‘hipster douchebag’ from a car and threw a cheeseburger at my head that I knew then that I had to shave off my beard and get rid of the top knot. So now I just wear them in the right places to fit in!’

The hire of facial hair was initially hard to get across to people, but they’re seeing more and more people stopping in at their airport outlets. Part of the reason is that once you’ve been reviewed by staff to assess your needs, fittings only take about 5-10 mins and payment is sorted at the end, when the hire items are returned. Staff simply take a copy of your drivers licence and credit card and you’re off.

While the guys are currently only catering to the male demographic, they’re looking to branch out to clothing outfits, wigs and make-up for both men and women that are put together by region, and dependant on the sort of meeting you have. Some initial ideas are matching Fila tracksuits to be worn around Sydney’s Western suburbs and short, tight dresses with super-quick spray tans for those wanting to spend time around South Yarra and Prahran in Melbourne.

Keep an eye out for them on your next interstate trip!

More info can be found at their website:

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