Exclusive New Restaurant To Only Serve Aromas.


Just when you thought there was no stone unturned in Melbourne’s world-famous culinary scene, two chefs are set to to change everything we think we know about the dining experience. New avant-garde eatery, ‘SAVOUR’, is set to open next month in the heart of the CBD. One might be forgiven for questioning it’s misleading title, because this restaurant doesn’t allow you to taste a thing on its menu!

“Have you ever smelt something SO delicious, you could almost taste it?”, asks head chef Trace O’Derr. Chef O’Derr isn’t just the brains behind this new culinary revolution, she’s the nose! “Dining is a sensory experience and we want to give diners an experience that will last for more then just a few hours…. we want them yearning.”

For anyone into food, Chef O’Derr needs no introduction, she’s an award winning Irish chef who was the youngest recipient of a Michelin Star in 1994, at age 8.

“We have a running joke here that it’s ‘tantric dining’, where you get to the threshold and stay there forever. My partner and I thought we could bring a little bit of naughty into the kitchen!”

O’Derrs partner, Tim Phoil, is also a highly regarded chef in his own right. Phoil has come from a long line of big names in the food scene; he owns two Subway franchises and has just finished up as Duty Manager at trendy new Scottish outlet, McDonalds.

When asked about how the restaurant functions, details were a little less forthcoming. What is known is that the fancy fare is cooked and prepared in the kitchens under extractor fans which suck the aromas of the sumptuous aliment through to bowls and plates where special air-tight seals are immediately placed over and they’re taken straight to the table for idiots to whiff.

‘Air Drinks’ are also on the menu which hosts some exclusive French scents including ‘morning mountain air from the Haute-Pyrenees’ and ‘luft from Alsace’.

But it’s not all smooth smelling with controversy already surrounding the wastage of food. The restaurant is raising eyebrows with their head-in-the-sand approach to questions around what is done with the food once it’s cooked, especially considering no one seems to be eating it.

“Why is that the first question everyone asks!?” Phoil exasperates, “We’re putting the focus on the experience; no one has ever done anything like this before. If we decide to throw the food away, that’s our business.”

Hard hitters in the nutrition space have also thrown their proverbial hat in the ring during discussions around the fact that people may choose this over an actual meal to drop calories. Several high-profile doctors have warned against the frightening new trend of smelling foods instead of eating them. But there is some support out there, with Bondi berk, Pete Evans recently showing support on his Facebook page suggesting this was the ‘way of the future’. Commentators noted that this may be more strategic as Evans recently announced his new ‘Paleo Zero’ diet which consists of staring at food and envisioning its nutrients regenerating your body.

Either way, nostrils are set to flare once SAVOUR officially opens its doors in just a few weeks. Diners can pre-reserve seats during their grand opening week.

All the details are available on their website:  www.savour.com.au

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