Confused Racists Mistake Maccas for Mecca, Boycott Fast Food Chain.

It's Uncle Ron!

Shermon Burgess, leader of the right-wing United Patriots Front, has released a new YouTube video this week calling for the boycott of fast food chain, McDonalds due to it being a ‘haven for Muslim scum’.

Burgess, whose name is of European origin, is well known in trendy anti-Muslim circles as the leader of the UPF and former member of Reclaim Australia, a more family-friendly group of intolerants.

It’s believed Burgess and other members of his white comedy troupe confused the fast food chains’ nickname, ‘Maccas’ with popular death-trap, Mecca after playing a favoured game amongst racists, Chinese whispers, at an ‘All-White on the Night’ themed house party.

Shortly afterwards, a four minute video appeared on his YouTube channel instructing ‘anyone wanting to escape the clutches of Islam stay away from any Maccas, as all Muslims are instructed to go there at least once in their lifetime.’  Burgess clearly confusing the fast food cesspit with the famed city in Saudi Arabia, said to be the birthplace of Muhammad.

A confused racist struggling to speak clearly

Shermon ignoring his mothers calls to come downstairs for dinner.

The United Patriots Front are yet to respond to several requests for comment, along with several other emails notifying them that Maccas and Mecca are not actually the same thing.

Spokesperson for McDonalds Australia, Patty Cakes, said that they had received several queries about whether or not their food is Halal, thanks to simpleton Senator Cory Bernardi’s moronic Christian crusade against religious food labelling, but they were not aware of this new controversy.

Their official statement on the matter was posted on their Facebook page:

“McDonalds is and always will be a family restaurant that welcomes all walks of life. We believe everyone should make a pilgrimage to Maccas at least once in their lives, except anyone that belongs to Reclaim Australia, The United Patriots Front or any other bigoted right-wing organisation. Youse cunts are banned for life.”

Although initially taken aback by the strong language, most social media commentators have supported the statement with the post going ‘viral’ late yesterday, being shared over sixteen times.

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