HOT NEW TRENDS: Melbourne’s Best Free Glamping Spots!

luggage glamping

‘City glamping’ is the latest craze sweeping Melbourne, and it’s set to explode around the rest of Australia. Taking a holiday in your own city might seem like a strange thing to do, but with St. Jerome’s – The Hotel opening up above Melbourne Central to rave reviews and a whole lot of new websites, blogs and media devoted to the farcical fad, maybe there’s something to it!?

The problem is that city glamping isn’t that cheap, but don’t drop your bundle JUST yet; the good folks at Boredsheet have put together some handy tips on some of the best FREE city glamping spots Melbourne has to offer…



tram stop

Not only are tram shelters protected by the elements, what most people don’t know is that trams are occasionally scheduled to stop here to let people on and off! If you can find a good stop within the free city circle, you will have scored yourself some free accommodation AND travel!

PRO TIP: If someone asks you if you’ve ‘touched off this morning’, they’re actually referring to the Myki card payment system.




The historic Yarra River was discovered by John Yarra in 1978 and has been the lifeblood of Melbourne’s city, providing an endless stream of chip packets and Coke™ bottles for decades. Its serene setting, city views and clean water make it a perfect glamp spot.

A morning dip is a fantastic way to start the day. Don’t worry about the people in corporate attire staring and shaking their heads, they’re simply yet to discover the benefits of a local glamping holiday!

If you want a little extra cover, try setting up under an overpass. You might even get lucky and find a bed all ready for you!

Faktum Hotels



Junkie squat

With the impending release of Zoolander 2, why not go all ‘derelicte’ and fully embrace the boho lifestyle by securing an abandoned warehouse. You can pretend you’re Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol or some other over-hyped cultural icon.

More suited to glampers who want a bit more cover from the elements, be sure to bring something sharp; you’re going to need to protect your patch.

PRO TIP: if you feel like staying a little longer, ‘squatters law’ dictates that after 8 years an uncontested property becomes yours. Did someone say free house?! Turn that holiday into a relocation!




Grab an alcove in the pretty little CBD laneways and you’ll have direct access to the best Melbourne can offer. From coffee shops and trendy bars to the hottest shopping in the country. If you can handle the unique odours, it’s a prime location for central city glamping!

PRO TIP: If you can get close to a hotel or café, you’ll have free WiFi!
















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