MKR EXCLUSIVE: ‘Producers Threatened To Kill My Family!’ Filming Halted As Police Move In.


It seems the quest for television ratings has reached new lows. Police today raided a Melbourne address on a tip-off that the family members of contestants were being held there against their will. Witnesses say that several people were led to police rescue vans, some still blindfolded with their hands bound.

Early reports suggest that a whistle-blower contestant exposed what will likely be one of the most disturbing reality TV scenarios this country has ever seen.

Shocking claims that producers have been holding the loved ones of contestants to be used as bartering chips to force scenes for the camera under duress. Viewers already had their suspicions when scenes of nasty in-fighting, low scoring and horrific food critiquing aired recently with contestants looking visibly stressed and behaving erratically. But it appears that when a producer threatened to have a family member killed after one contestant refused to hit another, the tenacious team member (who can’t be named for lackadaisical reasons) ran to police.

Breaking the sacred bond between producer and contestant is still considered a huge faux pas in television with some non disclosure agreements said to be signed in blood and bound in human skin.

Police swooped on Channel 7 headquarters and have taken several producers in for questioning, along with presenters Manu Feildel and Pete Evans. Sources reveal Evans screamed for his lawyer several times and repeatedly asked his assistant to ensure there were ‘paleo options on the jail menu’.

Feildel only made brief comment whilst being loaded into a police van, “c’est la vie!”,  in his normal Australian accent. As most people now know, Feildel was born and raised in Western Sydney and puts on a fake French accent when being filmed.

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