MUSIC: R.I.P. Stereosonic – We Look Back At The Festival’s Best Moments

Chestbrah and friends just prior to shelving another goog in the portaloos.

Tragedy has struck communities around Sydney’s West and Melbourne’s North today with the shock cancellation of Stereosonic music festivals nationally.  Although yet to make an official statement, Totem OneLove and SFX Entertainment are reportedly binning one of the hottest dance music festivals this country has ever seen, resulting in an outpouring of grief around Australia.

With things still tense and social media lighting up with anguish and speculation, we look back at this amazing event, the likes of which will never be seen in this country again.



The Fashion


Some of the most original ‘aesthetics’ we’ve ever seen graced Australia’s much-loved EDM punching arenas. With the focus off the females for a second (amirite guys?) men finally got their chance to show people they could be in charge, and when left to their own devices, they put on an amazing display of peacocking. Although most attendees will ultimately die alone, or due to complications relating to ongoing steroid use, these brave soldiers paved the way for fashion in this country for generations to come.


The Vibe

Some attendees arranging to meet up at a local bar afterwards.

One of the key elements to a good day amongst friends is the ability to have a robust debate without things getting too out of hand. What most people didn’t know about the Stereo crowd is that everyone always felt comfortable, especially females. It’s one of the best things about the festival that people will talk about long after it’s gone. Sure, boys will always have a bit of ‘rough and tumble’, but when everyone’s mates, it’s just a bit of fun! You’re there for the hottest dance acts on the planet, the comradery was an added bonus.


The Community Spirit

A good Samaritan guides a blind man to the bathrooms

Engaging with the community is one of the many ways Stereosonic allowed younger generations to connect with the older folk. Organisers would keep in close contact with local communities and receive constant phone calls from nearby residents to say hi. Authorities were also in regular attendance to have a bit of fun and make sure everyone was safe. Police regularly bought their colleagues and pets and the heavy focus on sustainability meant that venues and surrounding areas were always left clean of refuse and pristine.

FUN FACT: No incidences of violence or drugs have ever been recorded at a Stereosonic music festival!


The Music


Being able to discern a banger from a tune ripe for the bin is what every single attendee excelled at. It’s another amazing part of what made the festival so unique. But there was a simple formula for this: every song ever played at Stereo WAS a shit-hot banger! Unlike other festivals where some acts might have dropped the ball on the odd tune, for some reason every single person in the place was always dancing their arse off. This could only mean one thing: incredible programming from the world’s best music makers! We salute you!

We’re going to miss Stereosonic’s good vibes, great music and incredible fashion. No other festival will ever come close.


Stay aesthetic errbody!

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 9.54.18 PM
Zyzz and his playmates off for a quick sauna to get more shredded.



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