Urban Sherpas: Let Them Do All The Work!

As if these little French fuckwits don’t have enough breathing problems already.

It’s the hot new trend that looks like it’s straight from the streets of NYC, but it’s actually a uniquely Australian initiative that’s catching on globally, INCLUDING New York (located in the United States), which validates it immensely.

Now you can stop worrying about… THIS


…. and THIS

shopping bags93309

… and let some other stooge do all the work!

It’s an easy and free app download and you can post a job to be done, like carrying your shopping, walking the dog or even carting a fridge several kilometres. Or you can offer to help with a job and set your fee accordingly!

The secret to Urban Sherpas’ success is the innate laziness which is found throughout the entire species, a great example of which is the images we placed above because we couldn’t be fucked writing more words.

We spoke to creator, Des Arstor, who says it’s in his DNA:

“My dad was a fucking lazy prick, and so was my mum actually. In fact, my entire family are lazy pieces of shit. I was complaining about having to lift my 3 year old son who felt as if he’d been eating concrete or something, then it came to me: get someone else to do it! I mean, it’s no lie that we’re the laziest country on earth. I mean, have a look at the state of our hospitals, every time I go into one there’s people lying down on beds having a sook.”

After outsourcing the idea to an overseas company, Des eventually bought the project back onshore ‘due to communication issues’…

“My wife’s nephew is a whiz with apps and technology so he helped me put it together. To be honest he did most of the work, but I trademarked everything and have the patents to he’ll be lucky to see a fucking cent. I’m hoping someone else will sort out all the finance stuff…. actually, how are you with computers?”

We politely declined Des’ offer, but he makes a solid point: we are a lackadaisical nation.

A little bit of information is available on their website, but it doesn’t look like they’ve finished updating it yet: www.urbansherpa.com


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